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Let's do the activity!

Taylor Swift wants to find out how much fans enjoyed the Eras Tour shows. She will ask fans, “From 1 to 100, where 100 is the most, how much did you enjoy the concert?” The V.I.P. section she wants to survey has 50 seats (5 rows x 10 columns). The stage runs along the northern edge of the venue (where Taylor is pictured). She wants to take a sample of 10 fans.

For a more detailed discussion of this activity, see the free lesson plan on Stats Medic.

Method #1: Simple Random Sample

Select a simple random sample of 10 fans.
Average enjoyment: ?

Method #2: Cluster Sample

Each column is a cluster. Randomly select two columns.
Interview all fans in the selected clusters.

Average enjoyment: ?

Method #3: Systematic Sample (every 8th)

Randomly choose a fan as a starting point.
Move down rows to interview every 8th fan.
After last row, wrap back around to the first row.

Average enjoyment: ?

If we did a census...

True mean enjoyment: ?

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