Data Analysis

1 Categorical Variable, Single Group
1 Categorical Variable, Multiple Groups
2 Categorical Variables
1 Quantitative Variable, Single Group (collaborative)
1 Quantitative Variable, Multiple Groups
2 Quantitative Variables (collaborative)
Multiple Regression

Normal Distributions and Probability

Normal Distributions
Discrete Random Variables
Binomial Distributions
Counting Methods


Can You Smell Parkinson's?
Hiring Discrimination
Does Beyoncé Write Her Own Lyrics?
How Much do Fans Like Justin Timberlake? Part 1
How Much do Fans Like Justin Timberlake? Part 2

Simulation-Based Inference

Testing a percentage/proportion/count
Testing a difference in percentages/proportions
Testing a difference in means
Testing a difference in medians
Testing a mean difference
Testing a difference in standard deviations
Estimating a percentage/proportion
Estimating a mean
Testing a correlation
Testing a slope

Traditional Inference

One sample z interval for a proportion
One sample z test for a proportion
Two sample z interval for proportions
Two sample z test for proportions
One sample t interval for a mean
One sample t test for a mean
Two sample t interval for means
Two sample t test for means
Linear regression t interval
Linear regression t test
Chi-square goodness of fit
Chi-square homogeneity
Chi-square independence

Applet Color, Rounding, and Percent/Proportion Preferences
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