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Let's do the activity!

Justin Timberlake’s concert promoter wants to find out how much fans in the V.I.P. section enjoy the concert. He will estimate the average enjoyment level (1 to 100) for all 50 fans by selecting a sample of 10 fans. Which sampling method will give him the best estimate?

Method #1: Simple Random Sample

Select a simple random sample of 10 fans.
Average enjoyment: ?

Method #2: Cluster Sample

Each column is a cluster. Randomly select two columns.
Interview all fans in the selected clusters.

Average enjoyment: ?

Method #3: Systematic Sample (every 8th)

Randomly choose a fan as a starting point.
Move down rows to interview every 8th fan.
After last row, wrap back around to the first row.

Average enjoyment: ?

If we did a census...

True mean enjoyment: ?

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